15 nuts= 30g

 Native to southern United States and Mexico

  • Are a rich source of essential fats- pecans are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, which make up 89% of the total fat content, and very low levels of ‘unhealthy’ saturated fat (6% of total fat). They are free from trans fats and dietary cholesterol
  • 30G of pecans provide:
  • 30mg plant sterols which help lower blood cholesterol    levels by lowering reabsorption of cholesterol in the             intestine
  • 10% of the RDI of dietary fibre in adults
  • pecans contain:
  • plant omega-3 alpha linolenic acid ALA
  • polyphenols which help prevent the oxidation of            cholesterol which leads to atherosclerosis
  • the amino acid- arginine- which is converted to nitric   oxide in the body which helps blood vessels to dilate    and remain          elastic
  • plant iron
  • plant zinc
  • plant protein– 10g per 100g serving


Pecans are a rich source of:

  • antioxidants-
  • dietary fibre 30gms provides 10% RDI of fibre


Consumption of pecans can lead to a reduction in oxidized LDL which leds to the formation of atherosclerosis