almonds, raw (organic, 100gm)


100g= 3/4cup~ 100 almonds

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30g= 20 nuts

  • Are a rich source of essential fats- almonds have a monounsaturated fat content of 66% of total fat, and very low levels of ‘unhealthy’ saturated fat (7% of total fat). They are free from trans fats and dietary cholesterol
  • almonds contain:
  • plant sterols which help lower blood cholesterol levels by lowering reabsorption of cholesterol in the intestine
  • polyphenols which help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol
  • have a high anti-oxidant capacity- oxidation causes damage to the cells in our body and is believed to be an important factor in the development of disease such as heart disease, cataracts, macular degeneration
  • a 30G serving of almonds provides:
  • 70% of the DRI of Vitamin E, which is an important fat soluble vitamin and anti oxidant
  • 70mg of calcium which is 7% of the DRI
  • 6g of plant protein, particularly the amino acid- arginine- which is converted to nitric oxide in the body which helps blood vessels to dilate and remain elastic
  • plant iron
  • plant zinc
  • 10% of the DRI of dietary fibre
  • The addition of almonds to a meal can reduce the rise in blood glucose which occurs after eating therefore reducing the GI of the meal