spelt puffs

Spelt is also known as ancient wheat and is favoured for its high protein and high fibre level. The protein in spelt is easier to digest. This allows some people who are sensitive to wheat to tolerate spelt. Spelt has a slightly nutty flavour. Spelt puffs contain only the natural grain with nothing else added, and are naturally cholesterol and sodium free and low in saturated fat. After harvesting, these pure grain cereals are air puffed by a special process to produce spelt puffs.

Spelt puffs can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, tasty breakfast or snack. Spelt puffs can be eaten instead of rolled muesli flakes, many people find them easier on the digestion. They retain much of their nutritional goodness, which they had prior to being heated. The original shape of the grain is preserved, as is its nutritional benefit.

Spelt puffs contain gluten and so are unsuitable for a coeliac diet.