psyllium husks (organic, 100gm)


100gm = 1¼ cups

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pysllium husks

Obtained from the psyllium seed from the plant Plantago Genus

Are an excellent source of dietary fibre

Have been linked with decreased risk of coronary heart disease-

Psyllium’s soluble fibre, in addition to a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, has potential to decrease the risk of CHD via decreasing the blood cholesterol levels

They are used to relieve constapation, irritable bowl syndrome, diverticulitis. They are also used as a regular dietary supplement to improve and maintain regular GI transit. The inert bulk of the husks help provide a constant volume of solid material irrespective of other aspects of the diet or any disease condition of the gut.

contain -alkaloids, amino acids, oils, protein, tannins, flavonoids, sugars, carbohydrates.

Psyllium husks encourage helpful, friendly intestinal bacterial such as lactobacillus acidophilous and bifidobacteria that can be used to treat chronic constipation. The soothing, protective effect imparted by the mucilage rich husks and seeds benefits the whole gastro-intestinal tract. Psyllium is taken for stomach and duodenal ulcers, and for acid indigestion.

A typical dose is one to three teaspoons per glass of water, additional water intake due to the psyllium husk’s effect of absorbing water and creating a mass, maybe necessary.