oats, steel cut (organic, 100gm)


100 gm = 1 cup

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Organic steel cut oats :

Also referred to as Irish or Scottish oats.

 Are made by cutting the whole oat groat (the inside of the oat kernel) into pieces with a steel cutter.

They are not rolled, therefore they are raw and packed with the natural nutrients from the wholegrain. (the germ, the bran, endosperm)

Organic steel cut oat kernels are commonly used to make porridge

Steel cut oats take a bit longer to cook , retain their shape after cooking and have a creamy, chewier textures

Steel cut oats have:

  • a slightly lower GI than rolled oats
  • 7% protein
  • are rich in inositol (one of the B-complex vitamins)
  • iron
  • phosphorous
  • thiamine