30g= 15 CASHEWS

A combination of whole and broken cashews


  • Are a rich source of essential fats- cashews have a high monounsaturated fat content (63% of total fat). They are free from trans fats and dietary cholesterol
  • Provide 20-25% of daily requirements of MAGNESIUM- important for energy generation
  • 30g of cashews-
  • provides ½ the daily recommended intake (DRI) of copper for women and a third for men. Copper is part of several different enzymes in the body. It helps the body use iron and is important for nerve function, bone growth and glucose metabolism
  • provide 10% of the RDI of plant sources of iron for women and almost 20% for men
  • 12% RDI of zinc for men and 20% for women. Zinc is important for healthy skin and hair, reproduction and immune system
  • protein– 5g of protein per handful
  • Cashews can reduce the risk of heart disease due to the fact that they contain healthy fats, dietary fibre, arginine, magnesium and antioxidant minerals including copper, manganese and zinc
  • Have a low GI+ 22



Cashews are an unusual nut. They are a seed that is grown on the outside of the cashew apple. The cashew shell contains a natural chemical acid so cashews are never sold in shells.